Taking up the WSJ’s call for inquiry were two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee — Senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Mike Lee of Utah. Senators Grassley and Lee sent an inquiry letter to to Deputy Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates of the Department of Justice. The Wall Street Journal followed up on the story and ran another editorial, “Bringing Justice to Justice,” in which they describe the inquiry:

In their letter to Ms. Yates, the Senators want to know whether this behavior is “accepted practice or policy,” and, if not, “what disciplinary steps have been taken.” They also want to know whether the Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the alleged misconduct.

Then they wonder out loud:

Maybe Justice needs a new Yates memo that focuses on the consequences for DOJ lawyers who bring cases that never should be brought—with sanctions for legal abuses.

DOJ responded to the letter, dismissing the allegations out of hand, and attaching a copy of the order issued by the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas. That response came 20 days late, replete with the characteristic arrogance DOJ exhibited throughout this matter. Apparently, Yates was too busy to even sign her name to a Senate Judiciary Committee response, since the disappointing, one-page reply came from the desk of Peter Kadzik, a man to whom it was not addressed.

Read the memo and response below, or head on over to wsj.com to read the editorial.